Promo page of plugin SocComments - comments on the social networks Facebook and Vkontakte for CMS Joomla

Hello dear friends. Present to you the plugin SocComments - add comments on social networks Facebook and Vkontakte in articles on Joomla website. The plugin supports the following social networks and extensions :


The plugin has a lot of settings that you can configure each comments forms on your taste. Also, the plugin allows you to:

*Exclude categories that do not need to show a comments;
*Exclude sections;
*Exclude articles and more.
* Text Comments form
* Language
* Color design

Plugin settings:



The plugin supports these versions of Joomla:

*Joomla 1.5;
*Joomla 1.6;
*Joomla 1.7;
*Joomla 2.5;
*Joomla 3.0

You can also use the optional system plugin SocComments (not support only Joomla 3.x) to insert the plugin into external expansion through 'soccomments' tag, such as:

*Sobi2, etc.

Download plugin SocComments for Joomla 1.5 | for Joomla 2.5 | for Joomla 3

See the work of the plugin , please click here

Official page of the plugin is located at

If you have any questions about the plugin SocComments v1.3, you can ask them to comment on and I will answer you.

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